Welcome to the KidsFirst Foundation (KFF) newsletter and thank you for joining us to help kids in need around the world. Through your generous donations, we raised nearly $120,000 last year. And this newsletter is designed to highlight the various ways we are putting your gifts to work.

In 2007, KFF explored various ways we could join forces with other organizations to make a greater impact for orphans living in Russia and Kazakhstan. Iím pleased to report that our partnerships have exceeded our expectations and we plan to strengthen our relationship with partners in 2008.

KFF is now working with Childrenís Hopechest to provide tutoring programs for older kids living in Kirov, Russia. We are also reaching at-risk youth through a partnership with Interlink Resources that provides life skills and employment training to graduating orphans in Kazakhstan. Both of these programs are making an impact.

We are also starting a new program with KidsFirst Adoption Services to build playgrounds at several orphanages. This newsletter shares a few of our partnership stories, and I hope you enjoy learning more about these exciting initiatives.

This issue also includes upcoming event information. The fifth annual WestPoint Financial Group (WPFG) Golf Invitational is set for June 20th. This event earns rave reviews every year and we canít thank the whole WPFG family enough for their support. The first annual KidsFirst Foundation Run/Walk is set for May 17, and we hope you will join us for this family-focused event at scenic Fort Harrison State Park.

Thanks again for helping us make a difference. There are so many kids in need around the world and we are grateful that you have made them a priority. If you feel like spreading our good news to your friends and family, please forward this newsletter to them or point them to us online at www.kidsfirst-foundation.org.

Enjoy the newsletter and please contact me if youíd like to talk more about KFF.

Deb Rigney KidsFirst Foundation President rigney98@sbcglobal.net 317-752-1281
Currently, more than one million children live in orphanages in the former Soviet Union. Only about 15,000 are adopted each year.
The KidsFirst Foundation has already made a difference in the lives of many children and families.