Tutors can be a lifeline when trying to master a difficult subject. That's especially true for orphaned children. So, KidsFirst Foundation has partnered with Children's Hopechest to address this important issue.

Last year, the KidsFirst Foundation provided funds to make teachers, coaches, tutors and therapists available to children at the Sovietsk orphanage for the 2007-2008 school year. Our partnership with Hopechest is helping children in the orphanage with math, chemistry, Russian grammar, regional history and more. The kids are also benefiting from the expertise of an art studio teacher, speech therapist and soccer coach.

“It is obvious that these opportunities are having a real impact as the children add to their self-worth and identity,” said Daniel Clark, outreach director for Children’s Hopechest. “Our partnership is based on helping children succeed and we are off to a great start.”

The Sovietsk orphanage houses nearly 40 kids and they are TB-exposed but healthy. Sarah and Ben Clark, part of the KidsFirst family, have been involved with Hopechest for some time and they serve as sponsorship coordinators who monitor the success of our collective effort. Sarah and Ben will travel to Sovietsk August 7-16 to see the programs firsthand. They have invited other KFF families to join them for the trip.

“We are so encouraged to see the progress that is being made in the Sovietsk orphanage through our partnership with Hopechest,” said Deb Rigney, president of the KidsFirst Foundation. “This program is bringing hope and opportunity to a bunch of kids who deserve our support.”
Currently, more than one million children live in orphanages in the former Soviet Union. Only about 15,000 are adopted each year.
The KidsFirst Foundation has already made a difference in the lives of many children and families.