The Foundation received a generous donation from some very caring kids over the summer. This is a heartwarming story that's best told by simply printing the letter Leah Foutty sent us. The Foundation sends a big thank you out to this caring bunch. Enjoy.

Dear KidsFirst Foundation,

Our family held a garage sale in April and wanted to donate proceeds to your Foundation. We have two biological boys, Charlie (7) and Joey (5) and an adopted daughter, Ana.

The boys found a ton of toys and clothes for the sale. Also, the boys had a snack stand during our two-day sale.

They delightedly worked their stand and made over $141, all of which they want to donate to the KidsFirst Foundation.

I've enclosed a picture of the boys at their snack stand and another picture of all three.

The Foutty Family

P.S...Ana was adopted from Orsk, Russia, June 14, 2006
Currently, more than one million children live in orphanages in the former Soviet Union. Only about 15,000 are adopted each year.
The KidsFirst Foundation has already made a difference in the lives of many children and families.