Recent statistics place the number of orphaned children in the world at more than 140 million. So many of these kids are waiting for a family, but very few of them are adopted each year. As the kids get older, it becomes less and less likely they will ever find a family. Later, as teenagers, they will grow too old for orphanage care and they will be released to face the world all alone.

As you might imagine, it is a monumental task to house and care for so many children in need. Many of the orphanages are waiting for repair. But, the stark reality is that significant funding and staffing challenges often stand in the way.

Although the caregivers who watch over the children do the very best they can, often times the equipment they use to cook, clean and care for the kids is old and waiting to be replaced. Some of these institutions are simply unable to meet the basic needs of the children they house which can lead to poor health, malnourishment and delays in their physical and psychological development.

The KidsFirst Foundation is committed to helping change the world one kid at a time. We believe every child deserves to have basic care. Every child deserves to smile. And every child deserves to have a family. Through your support, the Foundation will continue to provide shelter, medical treatment, clothing, transportation and more to kids in need half way around the world.
Funds raised through the Foundation provide financial assistance for families adopting special needs children and more...
The KidsFirst Foundation has already made a difference in the lives of many children and families.